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NEW! Active@ Boot Disk is a complete and functioning computer operating system on CD/DVD/USB disk(LiveCD).

Active@ Boot Disk comes with a collection of powerful utilities for data recovery, Windows password reset, disk imaging, data erasure, and partition management. Also, it includes its own web browser, FTP client, SMART monitor, DVD data burner, third party drivers loader and wide range of native Windows system

Data Recovery Software Tools


Active@ UNDELETE product box

Active@ UNDELETE is a powerful file recovery software that helps you recover lost, deleted and formatted data from Hard Drives, Floppy Disks, Dynamic Volumes, Hardware or Software RAIDs.

Active@ UNDELETE supports recovery from Removable Drives and digital media like Secure Digital, CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MemoryStick etc.

From $19.99

Active@ Partition Recovery

Active@ Partition Recovery product box

Active@ Partition Recovery for DOS recovers deleted partitions only if their location on the hard disk drive has not already been overwritten. The Windows version will help you if a non-system partition is lost.

From $35.95


Active@ UNERASER product box

Active@ UNERASER is a freeware undelete software for DOS and Windows that can recover deleted and damaged files, folders and volumes located on NTFS, FAT, exFAT, Linux Ext2/Ext3/Ext4fs, Apple HFS+ and Unix UFS file systems.

Pro ver. from $39.99

Active@ File Recovery

Active@ File Recovery product box

Active@ File Recovery recovers data after formatting or loss of partitions. It will also recover files that have been lost by damage, virus or directory destruction. It will even recover files after emptying the Recycle Bin.

FAT, exFAT, Ext2fs/Ext3fs, HFS+ and NTFS disk volumes are supported.

From $29.95

Secure Data Removal Tools

Active@ ERASER

Active@ ERASER product box

Active@ ERASER is the most comprehensive data destruction tool set that includes Windows and DOS applications to keep your Personal Computer secure from undesired data recovery.

From $29.95


ZDelete.NET product box

ZDelete.NET erases user data permanently and securely.

From $29.00

Active@ KillDisk

Active@ KillDisk product box

Active@ KillDisk allows you to destroy all data on hard and floppy drives completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders.

From $39.95

Active@ Password Changer

Active@ Password Changer product box

Active@ Password Changer is a useful utility which resets forgotten administrator system password thus allowing access to the account.

From $49.95

Data Backup Software

Active@ Disk Image

 Active@ Disk Image product box

Active@ Disk Image creates an exact copy of entire computer or selected disks and restores them from backup in case of hardware failure or data corruption.

From $39.00

CD DVD Burning Software

Active@ ISO Burner

 Active@ ISO Burner product box

Active@ ISO Burner burns CD/DVD/Blu-ray ISO images compatible with the ISO 9660 standard. Automated burning is also supported.


Active@ ISO File Manager

Active@ ISO File Manager  product box

Active@ ISO File Manager burns CD/DVD/Blu-ray ISO images compatible with the ISO 9660 standard. Automated burning is also supported.

From $34.95

Active@ Data CD DVD Burner

Active@ Data CD DVD Burner product box

Active@ Data CD/DVD/Blu-ray Burner burns files and folders onto CD-R, DVD-R, DVD+R, CD-RW, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, HD DVD and Blu-ray discs.

From $34.95

Disk Utilities

Active@ Boot Disk (Live CD)

Active@ Boot Disk (Live CD) product box

Active@ Boot Disk (Live CD) is a complete and functioning computer operating system on CD/DVD/USB disk.

From $79.95

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor product box

Active@ Hard Disk Monitor checks and monitors the status of your hard drives to help prevent data loss. The system is based on the Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.).

From $5.99

Active@ Partition Manager

Active@ Partition Manager product box

Active@ Partition Manager helps you manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions that they contain.

You may create, delete, format and name partitions on your computer without shutting down the system.



Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Service

FREE Evaluation and recovery services at low prices; just send us your media. Lab Toll Free: 1-877-477-3553.

Secure SMTP Server

Secure SMTP Server

Secure SMTP Server is a secure, reliable SMTP mail relay server for your outgoing mail. Secure SMTP service gives its members more possibilities than a standard SMTP server does.